repurposing purposefully. recreating creatively.

by forward thinking previously built spaces,

fusing craftsmanship with cutting edge,

we exceed the renewal you seek.

randall douglas interior and exterior renovation.

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Doug’s experience as a leader in construction over the past 15 years, while focused on the quality of his clients experience, and his ability to mange all aspects of that experience deeply influence his interest in partnering with Randy Burton to create Randall-Douglas. Doug’s approach in maximizing the potential of field staff as well as trade-partners is evidenced in every aspect of project outcomes. His continued connection between the field, office and client assure the quality of experience that those who work with Doug have come to expect. With an eye toward developing Randall-Douglas into a premier renovation & restoration company Doug brings his purposeful, professional and honest self into every experience with Randall-Douglas.


Randy’s commitment to quality craftsmanship, client advocacy and his focus on developing longstanding relationships, influence every aspect of his approach to partnering with Doug Catts to develop Randall-Douglas. He brings his 30+ years of building experience to the creation of this premier renovation & restoration company. By leveraging relationships forged over decades; having many repeat clients and established relationships with some of the foremost architects in the mid-atlantic, Randy’s experience is infused into all aspects of the client experience with Randall-Douglas and this influence is a part of every project.